Rags to Riches
     Jay Gatsby's parties have been the talk of the town.  Soon after he moved in, Gatsby began throwing elaborate parties.  These parties have been praised by all of the guests, even those who were not invited, but welcomed anyways.  The holder of these events recently moved here to escape his family farm in North Dakota.  He has really established himself through a multitude of businesses after he returned from the War.  Although he has longed to be rich since he was a small child, he says that his main drive is the love of a woman that he would not name.  This is the reason he is rarely seen at his parties.  His watches out the window of his large mansion, waiting for his secret love to stop by. 
An Affair Strikes East Egg
     Local millionaire Tom Buchanan has been caught in the middle of a steamy affair with Myrtle Wilson.  He is said to have been pampering this middle class women with whatever she wants.  Right before their recent fight, he bought her a young puppy that she sighted while driving in his car.  Her husband is now aware of their love because of all of her expensive items that he could never afford.  He is constantly busy working in the Valley of Ashes, therefore the affair went unnoticed for a long period of time. Being married to the owner of an auto shop, Myrtle is not satisfied with her middle class rating.  She will do anything to be wealthy, even if it means cheating on her husband.  A Daughters Love
     Can a child save a marriage?  This is a troubling question to couples with rocky relationships.  Some say that the love of a child is enough to keep a marriage strong.  Having the responsibility of caring for a child can be enough to distract a parent from the problems within their marriage.  Caring for a child successfully is a huge confidence boost for parents that are feel insecure because of their arguments with their spouse.  Locals say that they have made their relationships work because they do not want their child to be raised by a single parent. 
The eyes of T.J Eckleburg watch over the Valley of Ashes, and all of the mysterious events that occur there. Some people say they are the eyes of God, while others think it is all a hoax.
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