The green light at the end of the Buchanan's dock represents Daisy's secret lover's drive to win her love. He spends his nights looking out at it from across the bay.
Times Have Changed
Everyone wants to live the American Dream, but no one can truly define it. Since the late 1800's, this term has changed drastically.  Many say that the American Dream was to come to America and work your way up from rags to riches.  Today, in the 1920's, the idea of the American Dream is to live your life the way you want.  This may entail doing whatever you need to do to get there, however it is your dream, your American Dream.  
A New Member of West Egg
     Nick Carraway, a young man in the bond business, moves to West Egg.  He lives alone in a small cottage that he rents for an affordable monthly place.  He spends his time visiting his cousin Daisy Buchanan, across the bay. He claims to have feelings for Jordan Baker, a friend of Daisy's.  However he says that they are not in a serious relationship. 
    Carraway says that he has been welcomed by the people of both East and West Egg, and they often turn to him for advice because of his non judgmental personality.  He is described by Mrs. Buchanan as very tolerant and loving.  This enjoyable character will not be in West Egg for long, so give him a friendly hello before he returns to his quiet life in Minnesota.       
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