The Guide to the best Fallout 3 Followers
Well, If you have has the Game for some time, you should already Know about the range of companions you can acquire during your game, to give a helping hand when needed most. If your new to the game, then Followers are an essential need in earlier levels, and with Good/Bad Karma levels, and a decent number of Caps, you can get these followers very easily.

So probably the easiest follower to acquire, would have to be Dogmeat, Although not very robust, and glitchy, he's very good at finding medical supplies and certain weapons.
Now as already mentioned, he isn't the best companion in combat, so it would be very wise if you just keep him as a pet, and on the Odd occasion, sending him out for necessities.
He can be found at the Scrapyard, fighting off a few weak Raiders, now, there is no Karma option needed, and if the right Dialogue is selected, he's very easy to get. If I was you i would definitely recommend you just fast travel to Megaton( Or wherever your living, see Player housing) and tell him to wait there, and he is just good as a pet.

Follower Rating 5/10

Depending if you Blew up Megaton or not, you should meet a very rude Ex Raider named Jericho, his Dialogue seems to offend you quite a lot, and you people with short tempers and a itchy trigger finger beware. Anyway, if you choose the right Dialogue again, you can offer for him to join up with you, although, you need Bad karma, and he needs paying 1000 Caps, so you can have him as your follower. Now, in the midst of Battle, if you have given him an Assault rifle, or Chinese Assault rifle, he seems deadly with it, small guns are really his speciality. According to Fallout wikia, it would seem his main skill is Big guns, i beg to differ, when i had him as a follower (He was killed by a Behemoth), he was very effective with all types of rifles, and with Grenades.
His weakness seems to be getting in the line of fire, especially if you are using Big guns (This becomes very annoying), and is sometimes accidently hit and killed. This happens less if you tell him to stay further away from you, or if your a Higher level as he will have a lower chance of dieing.

Follower rating 7/10 (depends on your level)

Charon is a Human/Ghoul Character Acquired in the Ghoul Underworld, Inside the Museum Of history. Charon is one of just 2 followers who will join you no matter what your Karma is.
You can get him by either buying out his contract (2,000 caps, or good barter skill 1,000 caps) or you can kill a certain person in the Underworld for Ahzrukal. Once acquired as a follower, he will say he has some unfinished business, and will blow of his old masters head, all to your amusement.
He is almost good in ever department, unfortunately lacking in Unarmed skill, and energy weapons. He is Brilliant with any Power armour you give him, and as he levels with the player, higher level players will find he is almost as robust as a Super mutant Overlord.
Now i haven't managed to acquire him yet, but from seeing other people using him, he is one of the most effective followers.
Once you are captured by Colonel Autumn at Vault 87, he will just be back at Underworld, and is free to re-recruit.

Follower rating

As a lot of experienced players will of seen, Fawkes is one of the most rewarding followers available, and is free.
He is found in Vault 87 while the player is doing the "Picking up the Trail" Quest, in Holding cell 5, and is he is freed, he will retrieve the G.E.C.K from the Highly radiated room its kept in.
You can get his Unique weapon while in Vault 87 only, called "Fawkes Super sledge" A Unique Super sledge.
You will not see him again until after leaving Raven rock, During the "American dream" Quest, and he will come to your rescue. If your Karma is Good enough, he will offer to join up with you as a favour for letting him free, this, is probably one of the most wise choices a Player can make while in the game. He has Unlimited Gatling laser ammo, and is just so deadly, and can help the player out in almost every situation. As he also levels with the Player, at High levels, he is almost invincible, and can withstand maybe even 2 Mini nukes.
I have him as a follower, and well, he just rains death and destruction on any enemy that unfortunately crosses you and Fawkes's Path. Just a awesome follower.

Follower rating 10/10

More follower information and tips will continue next issue..

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More On followers next issue, read on to find out how to acquire Lincolns reapeater
Lawbringer & Contract Killer perk
The Lawbringer and Contract Killer perks are one of the ways you can effect your Karma, and get the right level of Karma.
For the Lawbringer Perk, and Evil character you kill, will have a finger on there corpse, which can be taken to the Regulator HQ (West of Canterbury Commons) and sold for 5 caps each to Sonora Cruz, and you will receive about 2 points of Good Karma. For the Contract Killer perk, every Good character you kill will have an ear on there corpse, and this can be taken to Daniel Littlehorn, For 5 caps each, and also 2 points of Bad karma. He can be found in the Small hut in the scrapyard. These Perks are both very beneficial if the player is trying to Change his/her Karma.
Lincolns reapeater
As most of you will learn as you play through the game and watch various youtube videos, you will notice Unique weapons, weapons which only appear once in the game and have a certain name.
Lincoln's repeater is arguably the best weapon in the game, and the ammo is also very easy to find/get. But acquiring this monster of a rifle, that's the trouble. Finding the Museum of History isn't too Difficult, if you follow the Farragut Metro station, and find the Washington Monument. it is just east of there. You will find a Ghoul named Willow, who will explain she is from The Underworld, which is inside the Museum of History.
Find the Door to the lower Halls, and you'll be thrown into a battle with hundreds of Ghouls, making the simple job of just grabbing the gun, so much harder. You must go upstairs, and find the Main office, but first you will come to an open room, were a Turret is waiting for you, take that out and find a hole in the wall. In there will be a Glass cabinet, containing Lincoln's repeater. Now, the Price tag looks like an excellent opportunity to earn some caps, this is not a good idea, if repaired enough, and you have enough ammo, it will become your favourite weapon, and easily gets Headshots from a fair distance away, this is very helpful, getting your skills higher makes this weapon lethal, and you will find your opponents much easier to decimate.

Well Thats it for this month's issue, Look out for next week's issue.
Matthew Alder
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